The Bowtie Connection was established on January 1st 2022.  Brother Jeffrey 2x was the person who made the Initial  CONNECTION in 2017. Brother Marc Muhammad taught Bro 2X how to make the Tie and he in turn taught Sis. Elizabeth in GHANA 🇬🇭  how to make the tie. Brother 2X (My Father) had many businesses established and this one was just one of many. But shortly before he passed in December 2022 he shared his Desire to Grow the Bowtie Business. Fast forward to today The Bowtie Connection Is a well known Company that has shipped bowties  all over the United States and Canada 🇨🇦.  And is looking to go world wide as a leader in the Bowtie universe! We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. And  what we offer is a exclusive Bowtie  with fabric that is bought from the Market in Accra, Ghana. There are no two ties that are exactly the Same! We hope we are able to serve you and help magnify your apparel with this amazing product.